fileboom premium link generator free account 2022

How to get one free fileboom premium account login key and password May 2022

What is is a free cloud storage service where you can upload files, store files, share files with friends by providing them with a link to the file, and download your friends' files using the links they provide.

What advantages do you offer?

- Quick file exchange without registration;

- We support https for link generator secure information exchange;

- One-click upload of files from your computer or mobile phone or even other websites;

- fileboom Uploader, a user-friendly desktop application for uploading files to your account;

- Automatically select the FTP server with the least load to upload files to your account quickly;

- Download speeds from our premium link generator server can reach ~ 1 Gbit/sec;

- upload files up to 100 GB, for unregistered users up to 200 Mb;

- File storage time: 30 days from the date of the last download, 60 days for Turbo (Premium) users, 7 days for unregistered users;

- There is no limit to the total size and number of files;

- Download files from your nearest file server to increase data transfer speed;

- Supports downloading and resuming downloaded files with all popular download managers;

- Special Turbo (Premium) access with high speed, no lag, no ads;

- Your files are always available from your phone or computer connected to the Internet

- Express support via multiple communication channels (Skype, ICQ, ticketing system and email) to resolve any issues quickly.

How and where can I register?

You can quickly sign up at - you need to enter your real email address, set a password for your account, and agree to our terms of service.

How much download speed will I get if I become a Turbo (premium) user?

Download speeds for Turbo (Premium) users are approximately 1 Gb/s if your connection allows it.

What download speeds will I get in free mode?

The file generator download speed in free mode is around 55-60 Kbytes/s.


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