Turbobit premium link generator free account 2022

How to get one free Turbobit.net premium account login key and password May 2022

What is Turbobit.net?

Turbobit.net is a free cloud storage service where you can upload your files, store them, share files with your friends by providing them with links to your files, and download your friends’ files using links they provide.

What advantages do you offer?

- Fast file exchange without signing up;

- We support https for link generator safe information exchange;

- Upload of files with one click from your computer or mobile phone and even from another website;

- Turbobit Uploader, a user-friendly desktop application for uploading files to your account;

- Automatic selection of the least heavily loaded FTP server, to upload files to your account fast;

- Download speed from our premium link generator servers can reach ~ 1 Gbit/sec;

- Upload of files up to 100 GB in size, or up to 200 Mb for unregistered users;

- Storage time for files: 30 days from the moment of last download, 60 days for Turbo (premium) users and 7 days for unregistered users;

- No limit on the total size and number of your files;

- File download happens from the file server which is located closest to you, which increases data transmission speed;

- Support for downloading and resumed downloading of files using all popular download managers;

- Special Turbo (premium) access with high speeds, without time delays, and without advertising;

- Your files are always available via mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet

- Quick support by means of several channels of communication (Skype, ICQ, ticket system and email) for fast solution of any questions.

 How and where can I sign up?

You can sign up fast at https://turbobit.net/reg — you will need to enter a real email address, to make up a password for your account, and to agree to the rules of our service.

 What download speed will I get if I become a Turbo (premium) user?

Download speed for a Turbo (premium) user is about 1 Gb/s, if your connection allows it.

 What download speed I will receive in free mode?

The file generator download speed in free mode is approximately 55-60 Kbytes/s.


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